National Work Zone Awareness Week Starts Today

Construction workers are
often at grave risk as they work on highways and streets throughout the United
States. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation,  
there were more than 37,000 work zone injuries and more than 500 fatalities in the most recent year
reported. This equates to one work zone injury every 14 minutes, 96 per day, or
about four people injured every hour.

Insurance recently provided to
 Market Watch a list of steps that construction workers and construction
companies should follow to help protect themselves while working on a road

–Have a Plan – Having
a written Traffic Control Plan based on the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control
Devices (MUTCD) or state requirements, whichever is more stringent, is critical
in that it is the foundation for safety within work zones.

— Slow Traffic – The
signage a driver and/or pedestrian experiences before entering a work zone in
the advanced warning area can influence their movement through the work zone.

— Create a Barrier –
While the type and extent of barriers utilized within a work zone are typically
dictated within contract documents, the type of barrier ultimately used can
mean the difference between protecting workers or not.

— Be Visible – Make
sure workers are visible with the appropriate high-visibility apparel. This
includes bright colors during the day and retro-reflective gear when working in
the dark.

A road construction
worker is a dangerous occupation, which is why this awareness week is so
important. Remember to slow down if you are driving through a construction
zone, and realize that these workers are doing their job and have families at

If you are a road
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