Chicago’s Lakefront Trail Renovations Finally Complete

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual is leaving office at the end of the month after two (2) terms in office. He has his critics and others that praise the work he has done for the city. I think he has done incredible work over the last eight (8) years drawing businesses to downtown, renovation projects and beautifying the city. For example, he promised two (2) years ago that he would expand the lake front trail, which would include separate lanes for bicyclists and pedestrians. He fulfilled that promise, and as a result we have a safer and more beautiful lakefront park to enjoy. This not only includes better paths for bikers and runner, but also an expansion of green space for visitors to enjoy.

Below is a breakdown of what the lakefront trail renovations entails and how it improved safety for everyone:

  1. More space between cyclists and pedestrians: this is especially important for safety purposes as you have two types of travelers cruising and vastly different speeds.
  2. Limited encounters between pedestrians and vehicles
  3. Less Signage: most of the rules and regulations (including separate directions arrows for bicyclists and pedestrians) are now painted onto the sidewalk. This makes for a more aesthetically pleasing trail.
  4. Updated mile markers: those in it for the exercise can track how far they are running or biking.

This is an incredible accomplishment by the mayor and his office. I believe we will see fewer accidents on the trail, and more importantly more people will be able to enjoy the beautiful lakefront.

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