Pitt Basketball Coach Deemed Hero After Aiding Car Accident Victims

ESPN.com reported an amazing story last week about Pittsburgh Panther basketball coach, Jamie Dixon, and the efforts he made to aid car accident victims that flipped their car on an interstate. 

Dixon said he was driving home from a practice and film session when he saw the car strike a wall and roll over on Interstate 279 in Pittsburgh. He described the incident on Monday after speaking with police investigating the crash.

“I was driving home around 9:30 or 10 p.m. from the office after we practiced and watched film when I saw a car in front of me going in the fast lane and then veer to the right and hit the wall,” Dixon said of the crash. “It flipped a few times. There weren’t a lot of people on the road. I pulled over and ran to the car. There was smoke coming out, which I was later told by the firemen … was from the air bags being deployed,” Dixon said.

Officials said Dixon injured his hands while assisting the occupants, and in video footage seen on WPXI.com, he is seen being treated in an ambulance. He explained Monday that he cut his hands on the shattered windshield glass while trying to help the occupants out of the wreckage.   “A woman was trying to get out and was kicking at the windshield. I grabbed her by the feet and pulled her out. That’s when I cut my hands since the windshield was already broken,” Dixon said.

The local police and EMT workers are viewing Dixon as a hero.  Pennsylvania state trooper Erik Fisher said, “he was a Good Samaritan.  That’s the way people are supposed to be. By all accounts he did exactly what a decent person should do. It’s an interstate freeway and I’m sure countless other cars drove right past. He was one of the very few who pulled over.”

This is a truly remarkable story and testament that Jamie Dixon is not only an excellent basketball coach but a brave and selfless human being.

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BMW Announces Recall Due To Faulty Fuel Pump

News outlets, including The Christian Science Monitor, reported today that German auto maker, BMW, is recalling 150,000 of their luxury automobiles for a faulty fuel pump.  The fuel pumps in question apparently can cause vehicles to lose power. The recall covers the 2007-2010 335i; 2008-2010 135i, 535i and X6 xDrive35i Sports Activity Coupes; and 2009-2010 Z4 Roadster sDrive35i.

BMW said it has had no reports of accidents or injuries connected to the recalls.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) closed its investigation in August 2008, citing 19 complaints and 8 reports of the fuel pump failure causing the vehicle to operate in “limp mode.” The auto safety agency said only a small percentage of warranty claims or complaints indicated engine stall.  NHTSA said in August 2008 that the closing of the investigation “does not constitute a finding by NHTSA that a safety-related defect does not exist.” It said it would continue to monitor future complaints.

BMW said owners would be notified of the recalls in the coming weeks and dealers would fix the vehicles. Owners can contact BMW Customer Relations at (800) 563-4269 or by e-mail: CustomerRelations@bmwusa.com.

I have not read any reports of car accidents  or serious injuries due to this defect but I am sure the media and the NHSTA will keep a close eye on this issue.

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Study Shows October Is The Most Dangerous Month For Teen Drivers

A new study prepared by State Farm Insurance has revealed that October is the most dangerous month for car crashes  by teens. The study shows that teen car accidents  increased by 15% in October compared to other months. The study used numbers from 2003 through 2009. State Farm says that 70% of U.S. states show that October is the most dangerous month.

“Car crashes remain the number one killer of teens and October continues to be our single biggest battleground month,” said Ann Baughan, Vice President of Operations at State Farm. “While promoting teen driver safety requires a year-round commitment, the fall time frame is critically important. As teens return to school, attend homecoming and begin managing very busy schedules, we want them to keep safe driving practices at the top of their minds because our data shows this is one of the most dangerous times of year for teens to be on the road.”

As a result, State Farm has worked with Congress and Philadelphia Children’s Hospital to name the third week in October as National Teen Driver Safety Week.  The week serves as a time set aside for parents, teens, educators and legislators to shine a spotlight on teen driver safety and ramp up conversations about solutions for the high rate of car crashes involving teens. Across the country this week, hundreds of State Farm agents and employees will be participating in teen driver safety activities in their local communities.

Although I often disagree with State Farm’s practices and treatment of injured accident victims, there is not doubt that they are committed to promoting safe driving.

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Illinois Secretary Of State And AAA Team Up To Promote Safe Driving For Teens

Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White, was out and about this week promoting a new website that is focus on safe driving for teens. The website, which was built with partner AAA (Illinoisteendriving.com) interactive site helps parents and teens manage the complex coming-of-age process by providing users with specific information based on Illinois laws and where they are in the learning process – from preparing to drive (pre-permit) through the learner’s permit and solo driving.

“Parents and teens alike have many questions about all aspects of the learning-to-drive process,” said Brad Roeber, AAA Chicago Regional President. “AAA has partnered with Illinois‘ foremost leader on teen driving, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, to combine the resources of his office with AAA’s to provide a comprehensive, best-in-class tool before, during and after teens learn to drive.”

The website will provide information about Illinois‘ graduated driver licensing (GDL) system, selecting a driving school and choosing the right vehicle for their teens. Parents will also learn more about some of the common risks associated with teen drivers. Among other topics, teens can take interactive quizzes to prepare for the driving exam, learn the real costs of owning a car, and learn the Illinois laws and fines.

“I am pleased and encouraged that the number of teen crash fatalities continues to drop since my Teen Driver Safety Task Force issued recommendations that led to the strengthening of Illinois‘ graduated driver licensing (GDL) program,” said Secretary White. “Since the stronger GDL program took effect in 2008, teen driving deaths have dropped by over 50 percent. This Web site acts as a wonderful compliment to the GDL Parent-Teen Driving Guide my office developed and will further help parents and teens steer safely through the driving process for years to come.  I commend AAA Chicago for their ongoing commitment to highway safety.”

This is an excellent initiative by Secretary White and we will see if this will help contribute in the overall decrease in serious car accidents  around the state that we have seen the last few years.

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Study Shows Texting And Driving Has Drastically Increased Amount Of Distracted Driving Accidents

A recent study from the University of North Texas revealed that the total number of distracted accidents has dramatically increased since 2001, the year text Messaging began.  The Chicago Tribune recently reported that the study showed that if text Messaging had never been invented, there would have been 1,925 traffic fatalities  per year due to distracted driving between 2002 and 2007. But in real life, they rose from 4,611 in 2001 to 5,988 in 2007. Below are some other startling statistics from the study:

  • The percentage of all traffic deaths  caused by distracted driving rose from 11% in 1999 to 16% in 2008.
  • Distracted-driving crashes are more common in urban areas. Overall, 40% of all crashes happened in urban areas in 2008, up from 33% a decade earlier.
  • Only one-third of Americans had a cellphone in 1999. By 2008, 91% of us did.
  • The average monthly volume of text messages was 1 million in 2002. By 2008, it was 110 million
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    What To Do (And Not Do) When Involved In A Work Accident

    Work accidents  happen every day throughout Illinois. A work injury  or accident is a serious reality. First and foremost, I recommend being very careful while working as the construction and various labor trades are very dangerous. Regardless, accidents sometimes cannot be avoided. If you do suffer a work injury or work accident  in Illinois, there a certain guidelines to follow, which I have outlined below:

    • Do report the work accident  to your employer (or supervisor) immediately , preferably in writing
    • Do see a medical professional for treatment as soon as possible
    • Do have your doctor put any work restrictions in writing and send it to your employer
    • Do inform the hospital or doctor that you were injured at work
    • Don’t forget to inform your attorney when you are released by your doctor to return to work
    • Don’t disobey your doctor’s orders concerning treatment, restrictions or return to work
    • Don’t miss any doctor’s or therapist appointments unnecessarily

    The above seem like obvious steps to take when involved in an Illinois work comp  case, but you would be surprised how often injured workers  fail to inform their employers or forget to tell their treating physicians that they were hurt at work. It is important to follow the above guidelines in order to recover from your injury but also to receive the Illinois workers compensation benefits owed to you.

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