Tips For Safer Highway Construction Zones

According to Illinois Tollway statistics, our state averages about 7,000 construction zone accidents in a given year.  To help prevent these accidents and promote safety, the state of Illinois is promoting the following tips to drivers:

Understand where a work zone begins and ends and that reduced speeds are required.

SLOW DOWN whether or not workers are present.

Don’t tailgate.

Expect the unexpected.

Stay alert and minimize distractions.

Understand that penalties for hitting a worker are severe.

Watch for workers.

Watch your speed at tollbooths

Slow down when entering/exiting toll plazas.

Stay in your lane when entering/exiting toll plazas.

Remember, ramp plazas have I-PASS Only lanes.

Never stop in an I-PASS Only lane.

To read the entire press release, click here.

Some may view these ass obvious tactics to avoid construction zone accidents, but due to the number of crashes every year on Illinois highways it is necessary to publish this type of advice.

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