Illinois Governor Quinn Signs New Seat Belt Law

The Chicago Sun-Times reported last week that Illinois Governor, Pat Quinn, signed into law which requires all vehicle passengers to wear seatbelts. The law requires those sitting in the back seats to buckle up as well.

The law was introduced and signed in an effort to help protect Illinois drivers from suffering serious injuries and lower traffic fatalities for those involved in car accidents.  The law carves out exceptions for taxi cabs and emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and police cars, and would also does not include buses.

State police director Hiram Grau aplauded the law and described the measure as “common sense legislation that we are very much in support of.” “We’re going to work very closely with other local and state agencies to make sure these laws are enforced,” Grau added, according to WJBD Radio.

Others opposed the law as an example of government overreach. Rep. Daniel Beiser (D-Alton) told the Daily Chronicle he did not support the measure as he was “not in favor in dictating what the public should do. It is a choice.”

The law; as well as a similar piece of legislation making it illegal for passengers to ride in trailers, wagons and other similar vehicles being towed on highways; will officially go into effect on January 1, 2012.

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