Dangerous Chicago Railroad Crossing To Recieve Upgrades

A dangerous Chicago railroad crossing at Nagle between Avondale and Northwest highway is finally going to receive some much needed safety upgrades. For years, traffic congestion has caused vehicles to stop on the railroad tracks at this intersection, which has led numerous train and vehicle collisions. The Chicago Tribune reported about this dangerous back on July 12, the same day in which a semi-truck was stuck on the tracks due to backed up traffic and was struck by an oncoming train.

New signs, better pavement markings, new concrete crossing panels to create a smoother ride over the tracks for vehicles and other changes are planned between Aug. 23 and Sept. 3, officials said. The crossing will be closed during the work, and traffic will be rerouted.  The primarily goal behind the changes is to grab the attention of motorists about the potentially deadly situation at the complex, high-volume rail-roadway intersection near the Kennedy Expressway.

Interestingly, the above upgrades are not ideal as officials have reported that much more far-reaching changes are being postponed due to high costs. The more expensive changes would include building a bridge over the crossing or installing new electronic circuitry to improve the timing of crossing gates that block the tracks when trains approach, officials said.

Regardless, it is good to see that the city is taking certain steps to make this railroad crossing safer.

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