Do’s And Dont’s When Involved In A Car Accident

It is summertime and there are more vehicle out on the road right now than any other time of year. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lot of car and truck accidents. If you are in a situation where you become involved in a car or truck accident, it is incredibly important to follow specific steps in order to protect your rights.

Below is a comprehensive list fof things to do and not do if involved in a car crash:

• Do get names, addresses, license plate and phone numbers of those drivers involved. This includes any witnesses.
• Do call the police immediately or have someone at the scene call for you;
• Do take photographs of scene and injuries;
• Do take care of your injuries-concentrate on getting better (i.e. go to the emergency room or set an appointment with your primary care physician);
• Do keep records of your medical treatment and time missed from work;

• Do make sure to purchase adequate full coverage auto insurance, including uninsured motorist coverage in case you are struck by an uninsured driver or the victim of a hit and run;
• Do not talk or give statement to the other driver’s insurance company;
• Don’t attempt to negotiate with the other driver’s insurance company before your medical treatment is completed;
• Don’t wait months from the date of injury before hiring an attorney, as your right to file claim or lawsuit may be barred; and
• Don’t wait days or weeks from the time you are injured to seek medical attention. Your health comes first and also insurance companies are wary of paying for medical bills if treatment is postponed.

This is not an exhaustive list, but they are simple steps you can take in order to protect your rights as accident victim. Should you or a loved become seriously injured in a Chicago car crash or Chicago truck accident, then call Chicago personal injury lawyer, Aaron J. Bryant, at 312-614-1076 for a free legal consultation.

Tips On Preventing Car Accidents And Keeping Your Insurance Rates Down with car insurance quotes

Yahoo News published an interesting article recently that provided a list of ways that your car insurance rates can increase. IN case you are looking for a great car insurance, Paddy Compare has the best ones you can find online. Visit their site for more information.

These may seem obvious and I have written about these before, but, according to insurance executives, they are paying close attention to the following items when determining rates. These are actions (both in and out of your car) that could increase your insurance rates and more importantly are common cause to car accidents  and serious injuries.

1. Texting while driving
2. Not wearing a seat belt while driving
3. Adding a teen to your policy
4. Missing credit card payments
5. Paying car insurance in installments

These are simple tips that can keep your insurance rates down and hopefully keep you safe while on the road.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a Chicago car accident  or Chicago truck accident , then call Chicago car accident attorney  Aaron Bryant for a free consultation  at 312-588-3384 or go to the firm website at