Illinois Governor Pritzker Sign New Toxic Substance Bill Protecting Workers

New Illinois Governor, J.D. Pritzker, did not waste any time on the job protecting workers right. Earlier this month he signed into law Senate Bill 1596, which lifted a 25-year statute of limitation on claims for work diseases caused by toxic substances such as asbestos and radiation. The new law intends to help people diagnosed with latent diseases after exposure to toxic substances in the workplace.

In some cases, the 25-year limit imposed by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act and the Workers’ Occupational Diseases Act is shorter than the medically-recognized time period in which some diseases generally manifest. The new law protects victims’ access to justice beyond that time limit.

This is the type of protection that is needed for workers and incredibly important that the Governor signed this into law. For example, if someone works for years in a plant or a factory that exposes them to toxic substances, and they are not diagnosed with a disease linked to these substances until after 25 years after leaving the job, why should they be punished by banning them from benefits. Certain cancers like mesothelioma can remain latent in someone’s body for years and years, and there is no reason to prevent them from receiving benefits owed to them because the disease didn’t manifest itself earlier than it may have for others. Kudos to Governor Pritzker for making this a priority.

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