Illinois Department Of Transportation Launches 2013 Yellow Dot Program

Imagine for a minute
that you and your family are involved in a serious car accident. I know this is
a scary thought that people do not like to think about. What if one of your
children has a serious medical condition or allergy that alters the type of medical
treatment he or she can receive. Thanks to the Illinois Department of
Transportation (“IDOT”) and their new yellow dot program, you can
count on the first responders to the auto accident will have to knowledge to
administer the proper medical treatment.

According to a press
release on the IDOT website, they are initiating the yellow dot program
which supplies drivers with a simple,
bright yellow decal for their car and a folder. The decal is placed in a
conspicuous and consistent place – in the lower left-hand corner of the rear
window on the driver’s side. The dot signifies there is a folder in the glove
compartment containing the following medical information about the motorist:
participant’s name, current close-up photo, emergency contact information, patient’s
physician information, medical conditions, recent surgeries, allergies and a
list of current medications. You can read the press release here or visit to become enrolled in the program.   

drivers and their families have pre-existing conditions that require specific
medical treatment when in a trauma situation.  Hopefully this program will
help save lives and prevent serious injuries in already dangerous situations.

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