Safe Swimming Tips For Young Children

The summer is almost over but it is never too late to discuss safe swimming tips for kids or young children learning to swim. Gold Fish Swim School, which provides swim classes for toddlers and young children recently joined ABC 7 in Chicago, and provided the following safety tips for parents of young children or toddlers just learning to swim.

1. Sign your children up for swimming lessons. Swimming lessons are the number one thing you can do to prepare your children for the potential dangers of water.

2. Use a Water Watcher Card. A water watcher card is designated to an adult who is not distracted by a phone, drink, etc., tand is paying close attention to kids who are swimming.

3. Buy your children a USCG (United States Coast Guard) approved life jacket. It’s a mistake to think floaties and pool toys are life-saving devices.

4. Most drownings happen during non-swimming times, so make sure there are appropriate barriers around pools and doors are locked so children cannot get in the water when it’s not a designated swim time.

These are just a few tips. I think the tip to pay most attention to right now is for parents to put their phones down and focus on their children. This is especially true for those with very young children. It’s very easy for all of us to become preoccupied with reading our smart phones. Pools can be incredibly dangerous areas for inexperienced and young swimmers and they need parent’s attention and focus the whole time.

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