Nickelodeon’s Star Of ICarly Involved In Bus Accident In Southern Illinois

The Chicago Sun Times reported this weekend that a tour bus carrying the star of the Nickelodeon tv show, ICarly, was involved in a serious auto accident. The actor, Miranda Cosgrove apparently suffered a broken ankle from the vehicle collision. A spokesman for the show said the bus accident happened early Thursday on Interstate 70 outside Vandalia, about 70 miles outside St. Louis.  There were five people on the bus transporting the 18-year-old TV star and “Kissin U” singer from her Wednesday-night show in Ohio to her scheduled Friday night stop in Kansas, her publicist said in a statement Thursday.  The good news: Her rep said that there were no serious injuries to the people on the bus and “everyone will be fine.” The bad news: Cosgrove’s “Dancing Crazy” summer tour, which was scheduled to conclude at the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix on Oct. 23, has been postponed until further notice.

The passengers are probably thankful that there were not more serious injuries. Any type of car accident can be terrifying, but I imagine it is worse when on board a charter bus, where it would be difficult to see exactly what was happening or how the accident occurred.

I have not seen any reports discussing how the bus accident  occurred or who was at fault.

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