Illinois Passes Bill To Increase Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage

The Chicago Tribune reported
this week that the Illinois House and Senate passed a bill that would increase
the minimum auto insurance coverage to $25,000 for injury or death to one
person. That is up from $20,000, which has been the minimum amount for the past
24 years. 

It would also minimum coverage to
$50,000 for injury or death of two people, up from $40,000.

“The rates have not been changed in
24 years and do not keep pace with rising medical costs,” said proponent and
state Rep. Laura Fine, a Glenview Democrat. “This will save people who are
injured in an accident that is no fault of their own from some of the
out-of-pocket medical costs they may incur.

Rep. Fine is correct. Many times
drivers are seriously injured in car accidents and they incur medical bills that
exceed the amount of insurance coverage. As a Chicago car crash attorney, I
have seen this happen multiple times with my clients. Not only do innocent accident
victims suffer, but hospitals, physicians and other medical facilities can be
short changed for their services. I think this law needed to be changed years
ago. It has passed the Senate and House and fully expect Governor Quinn to sign
when it reaches his desk.

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