Chicago City Council Enacts Ban On Texting And Bicycling

I have written here in the past about the multiple steps the state of Illinois and the city have Chicago have taken to prohibit texting and driving. Bans on texting and driving have been enacted locally and statewide. As The Huffington Post and The Chicago Tribune reported last week, Chicago has taken another bold step to protect motorists and bike riders by passing an ordinance that makes it illegal to text and bicycle.

Although this seems to be an obvious law to enact, it goes to show how much cell phones and smart phones are intertwined in peoples everyday lives  and can be dangerous if they are not used in the proper setting.  The ordinance, sponsored by Ald. Margaret Laurino (39th Ward),  who is the chairman of Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety chairman, fines violators $20 on their first offense, and up to $100 for three or more violations. The fine increases up to $500 if the violation occurs during a vehicle collision. Fines in Chicago for motorists who are caught texting and driving start at $75.

The ban, which Laurino described as “common sense” in leveling the playing field between bicyclists and motorists goes into effect in November. It was approved by the council without dissent.

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