Chicago Parks District Studying Lake Shore Trail Accidents

Without a doubt, Chicago’s lake front, is one of the crown jewels of this great city. It draws thousands to this shore of Lake Michigan everyday throughout the summer for running, biking and fun on the beach. I believe it was a main reason so many people move here from out of state and visit the city throughout the summer.

Unfortunately that the large crowds can lead to many bicycle accidents  and pedestrian accidents. For the first time, the Chicago Parks District, has decided to study this issue and determine how to curb the number of accidents.

The Chicago Sun Times recently reported that the Parks District retained Active Transportation Alliance  to count cyclists, pedestrians and in-line skaters at 30 different spots on the trail, including entry points from underpasses beneath Lake Shore Drive.

The information will be used to figure out times and spots where the path is most gridlocked, and generate statistics about how many people use it for daily commutes versus recreation. “We all know it’s busy,” said Gia Biagi, the Park District’s director of planning. However, “we wanted to really establish quantitatively, ‘What is the usership?’ ”

Parks officials said their decision this summer to hire the Active Transportation Alliance to study the path wasn’t motivated by a safety crisis, but the need for maintenance, widening and other improvements. The analysis — expected to cost no more than $25,000 and be done before month’s end — will be used to help Chicago compete for federal transportation dollars for Lakefront Trail projects. The data also is expected to help the Park District improve signage, and bike-rack access, plus develop revenue-generating marketing and promotional efforts with help from seo for lawyers on the trail, according to a Park District memo.

Hopefully this new study will help decrease the number of accidents and make a bike trip or run on the path more enjoyable.

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