Tips On What To Do If You Are Injured At Work

Being injured at work is a common occurrence and can often be frightening. Several questions can pop up all at once. First and foremost, what is wrong with me and how severe are my injuries? Who is going to pay may medical bills and what if I cannot return to work for a period of time? What if I don’t like the way the company doctor is treating me?

All of these questions are very important, which is why you should always consult with an Illinois workers compensation attorney who can and will protect your rights. Under the Illinois Workers Compensation Act, if an employee is injured on the job, then employer must pay all of the related medical bills and 2/3 of the employees average weekly wage for any time off of work due to the injury. Assuming the injured employee returns to work, then he or she will be owed a permanency award at the end of the case. This is a very basic outline of the benefits involved with workers compensation.

There are multiple things to remember if you suffer from a work injury. Below are list of things that you should and should not do if you are injured at work.

1. Do  report the injury to your supervisor/employer immediately and preferably in writing.

2. Do seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

3. Do give a detailed accident history to your treating physician describing how the work injury occurred.

4. Do have your doctor put any work restrictions in writing and forward to your employer.

5. Do keep your employer updated on your medical treatment and let him or her know if you have been released from treatment or sent back to work.

6. Do not disobey your doctor’s orders concerning treatment, restrictions or return to work.

7. Do not miss any doctor’s appointment or therapy sessions.

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New Study Shows Older Workers Have Lower Work Comp Costs

The National Consortium for Compensation Insurance (NCCI) published a new study, which revealed that indemnity costs for injured workers aged 65 and older are generally lower than younger employees because they are generally paid less, according to a new study.

That  finding came in a detailed new report on older workers’ injury claims by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, which noted that the number of workers 65 and older has increased by nearly 50 percent since the late 1980s and is likely “to increase in light of recent financial and economic disruptions.” 

Its latest report examined not only how workers aged 65 and older differed  from all workers in terms of their share of indemnity claims, but also for medical payments, frequency and cost per claim. It also looked at implications for workers’ comp claims management and loss costs.

In addition to the findings on lost wage indemnity payments, key conclusions in the report were:

Falls, slips and trips are by far the greatest cause of injury among older workers.

Medical severity is higher for older workers, although the differential between workers aged 65 and older and nearby age cohorts is small.

Shares of indemnity and medical payments of older workers have a close relationship to their share of claims.

Frequency is less for older workers, especially in the more hazardous manufacturing and construction-related industries and occupations. In contrast, claim frequency is higher for older workers in the leisure and hospitality industry and food preparation and service occupations (as well as in sales and related occupations).

To read the entire article from Property Casualty News, click here.

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IL Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Injured Worker Fired For Cause

Imagine this scenario: you have been hurt on the job and your employer accepts the work accident and you relieve workers compensation benefits. At some point you do something that your employer deems as a fire-able offense, yet is unrelated to the workers compensation case. What do you do now?  What if you are still not healthy enough to return to the work force?  Based on the recent Illinois Supreme Court ruling in Interstate Scaffolding v. Illinois Workers Compensation Commission. (1-22-2010, Docket # 107852), injured employees are still due their workers compensation benefits such as temporary total disability (TTD otherwise known as off-work payments) and medical treatment. The following is the Court’s holding:

when an employee who is entitled to receive workers’compensation benefits as a result of a work-related injury is later terminated for conduct unrelated to the injury, the employer’s obligation to pay TTD workers’ compensation benefits continues until the employee’s medical condition has stabilized and he has reached maximum medical improvement.”

This is a giant victory for injured workers in Illinois. This ruling provides protection to employees and stands by the principal that benefits are related to the principal question of whether the worker is unable to work due to the work related injury.

Click here, to read the entire Supreme Court decision.

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