Chicago City Council Passes Ordinance To Curb Drag Racing

If you live in the West Loop or were out and about there last weekend, you were probably startled to see the huge crowds of people and vehicles congregating. Those cars were drag racing and drifting (often referred to donuts). Video clips played on the local news showed how close these vehicles were to striking a pedestrian. That and the incredibly loud noises caused a lot of complaints from West Loop neighbors and business owners.

42nd Ward Alderman, Brendan Reilly, looked to hopefully put an end to this issue. He sponsored a bill, which passed today, which allows police to use picture and video evidence and camera detection of license plates for cars to track down vehicles and impound them. It would mean a $5,000 fine to get that vehicle out of the impound lot. Reilly stated the following on the new ordinance: “With the investments that my colleagues and I have been making in infrastructure for the police, like license plate reading cameras, these cars will pop up as hot — as drag racers — and so using camera systems in good detective work, we can find where these folks are parking these cars and take them, whether they are not…  So I do think this will be an effective tool. Our police commanders of told us they’re going to take full advantage of it.”

I think this is a good measure, but it may be a little tougher to actually impound the vehicles as the following steps need to take place prior to impounding a vehicle:

• Before impounding a car, police are required to mail the car owner a “notice of intent to impound.”

• The notice would include a statement of probable cause, police report, description of vehicle, and the date and time of violation.

• The car owner would have the right to contest the impoundment.

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