Winter Weather Driving Tips

Those of us who live in the Midwest have know all too well that the severe winter weather is upon. The Midwest, including the Chicagoland region, have been hit with snow and ice over the last week. It is important to take precautions when driving in severe weather, and luckily the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has provided a list of tips before driving icy or snowy conditions:

1.  Take it slow, especially when approaching intersections, ramps, bridges and shady areas. All are prone to black ice, an invisible danger during some winter storms.
2.  Make sure your gas tank is full.
3. Keep a cell phone, warm clothes, blankets, food, water, a first-aid kit, washer fluid and an ice scraper in your vehicle.
4.Check the forecast and make sure someone is aware of your travel route and schedule.
5. Carry a cellphone in case of emergency. Reminder: Using handheld phones while driving is illegal in Illinois, unless it is an emergency situation.
6. Always wear a seat belt, whether you’re sitting in the front seat or back seat. It’s the law.

Please be careful while driving this winter, and take a close look at the tips provided by IDOT.

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