Undocumented Illinois Immigrants Can Apply For Driver’s License On November 12

I wrote earlier this year that
Illinois Governor Quinn signed a new law that would allow undocumented
immigrants to apply for a temporary driver’s license that would allow them to
drive legally in the United States. As the Chicago Sun-Times reported
earlier this month, on November 12, the day has finally come for these
immigrants to apply for the license through the secretary of state’s

At their appointments (with
the Secretary of State’s office), applicants must provide documents proving
their date of birth; their written signature; their Illinois address for at
least one year, and insurance coverage. Their photo will be taken and processed
through the state’s facial recognition database, and they will take a driver’s
road test, a written test on the Illinois rules of the road, and a vision
test. Written materials will be provided in four other languages, and
translators will be available at facilities, but applicants also are encouraged
to bring friends or relatives with them to act as interpreters, Secretary of
State officials said. Once documents are verified and insurance is proven,
applicants will receive a driver’s license in the mail.

Officials estimated the in-person appointment process should
take two hours per person. They expect to issue 100,000 licenses a year, at $30

As I have written in the past, this is a win-win for
everyone in the state of Illinois. Regular working people, who pay taxes and
are otherwise law-abiding, will be allowed to drive legally. This, I believe,
will unclog the traffic court systems for unnecessary arrests and tickets
issued to undocumented immigrants. Also, I believe that the roads will be safer
as these drivers will have to learn the rules of the road and be required to
purchase auto insurance. Hopefully this will lead to fewer car accidents or at
the very least, protect motorists who are injured in traffic accidents with
more motorists who have insurance coverage.

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