Arizona Teen Issues PSA Against Texting And Driving

I have written here numerous times about the dangers of texting and driving and the numerous campaigns against this practice. Oprah has jumped on board and now an Arizona teen has created her own public service announcement.  Arizona high school sophomore Bethany Brown prepared an anti-distraction public service video titled “There are no RE-DO’s in real life,”  and was recently released the National Road Safety Foundation (NRSF).

“I started noticing distracted driving a lot more. I saw my friends doing it. I saw drivers in other cars doing it. They’re texting or talking on their cells, and they’re, you know, swerving all over. And they think they’re being perfectly safe!”

“So then I began to look into it,” she says, ” and I couldn’t believe how many teen deaths are related to texting or being on a cell and driving. It was really eye-opening.”

Congratulations to Bethany for her initiative on this serious issue. Click here  to view her video.

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