Secretary LaHood Delays Vehicle Back-Up Camera Requirement

I wrote few weeks ago about the federal requirement on U.S. automakers to install rear-view cameras on all new vehicles. This was a law that President George W. Bush lobbied hard for and signed into law in 2008.  NPR reported today that Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood sent a letter to legislators asking for a delay on this federal requirement. Specifically, LaHood stated in his letter that further research needed to be done before requiring installation of this technology in all new vehicles.

There is a lot of debate going on in Washington about this regulation. Of course, Republicans are harping about the added costs to the auto industry rather than taking into account the lives that could be saved or, at the very least, avoiding serious injuries to pedestrians. I stated in the beginning, and still feel this way, that it may be a little too burdensome to require these cameras on all new vehicles. I do believe though that they should be installed on all trucks and vans. My reasoning is that the rear line of vision is much further for trucks and vans, which makes it much easier to miss a young child that may dart behind one of these types of vehicles. We will have to wait and see until the end of the year to find out if this requirement will be fully implemented or if there will be changes.
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