IDOT Issues “Ice And Snow – Take It Slow” Warning To Drivers

If you live in Chicago, you woke up this morning with the first snow of the season on the ground. This was not a pretty site to a lot of commuters as it means their travel time increases and the roads become a lot more dangerous.  With the winter season upon us, the Illinois Department of Transportation has issued a campaign to drivers titled “Ice and Snow – Take it Slow.”

Authorities say when roads are hazardous, only make necessary trips. If you do go out, be sure to give snow plows plenty of room and watch out for black ice.

“If you were to encounter black ice, don’t slam on your breaks, just push through it and if you happen to slide, just steer into your slide a bit and you should make it through ok,” said Jeff Able, traffic operations engineer for IDOT.

Before the snow strikes, authorities advise you check your car’s anti-freeze, headlights, tires and battery. And make sure you have an emergency kit in your car, with water, snacks, flares and reflectors.

For Illinois road conditions this winter, call 1-800-452-IDOT.

To read the complete article about IDOT’s winter weather warning, click, here.

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