Chicago To Introduce Bicyclist Rest Stations Along Bike Lanes

I wrote a few weeks back about Chicago officials’ plans to press forward towards another 60 miles of bike lanes throughout the city. According to¬†CBS News, the city is now planning to add new rest stations along portions of certain lanes. This is another step officials have taken to make Chicago a world-renowned bicycle friendly city. The rest stations was borrowed from similar contraptions used in the Coppenhagen. The stations contain a bars used as arm and foot rests. These little creations are called a “Curbees,” and will be placed at stop lights and ¬†presumably only allowed for use at red lights. The first of these rest stations has already been placed at the busy intersection of Milwaukee and Ogden.

There is no doubt that Mayor Emanuel and his staff have continued where former Mayor Daley left off in making Chicago a bicycle friendly city. Hopefully bicyclists will take advantage of these stops and will lead to safer roads for both motorists and bicyclists.

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