Chicago Traffic Bottleneck Is The Worst In The Country

The Chicago Trubune reported this week about a new traffic survey released by the American Transportation Research Institute and the Federal Highway Administration, which discussed some of the worst traffic bottlenecks around the country. And the winner is… right here in Chicago. The interchange where the Eisenhower, Kennedy and Dan Ryan Expressways merge near downtown, ranked as the No. 1 bottleneck for truck traffic in the U.S.  The Kennedy-Edens Expressway junction on the North Side of Chicago came in at No. 8 in the northbound direction and No. 32 for southbound travel.

The American Transportation Research Institute study used GPS and onboard monitoring equipment to track freight trucks along highways. The average speed recorded at the Circle Interchange was 29 mph; 47 mph on I-65 at I-80; 35 mph northbound on the Kennedy-Edens junction and 48 mph southbound, the report said.

No statistics were taken on the number of vehicle accidents or which of these bottlenecks has the most trucking accident and car accidents.  Click here to view the survey results.

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