IDOT Looks To Reduce Traffic Issues On The Eisenhower

The Chicago Tribune reported this week that there are additional plans to help reduce traffic gridlock on the Eisenhower.  While the Eisenhower was completely repaved over the last year, which was much needed, but there remain bottleneck tissues in and around the Chicago loop.  To help alleviate these problems, IDOT is performing studies to help reduce traffic and eventually reduce the number of Chicago car accidents.

The possible solutions being examined include widening the Eisenhower to four lanes in each direction for the entire length of the highway. The expansion would make room for “managed lanes” handling car-poolers, express buses or drivers willing to pay tolls to commute more quickly during rush hours, according to IDOT planners.

IDOT is also apparently working with the CTA and Pace to consider expanding rail lines and bus access, which would hopefully alleviate some of the traffic. 

The problem at this point appears to be a lack of funding.  IDOT is  the Illinois Tollway to develop concepts for possible toll lanes that would be priced with a sliding scale of fees based on the time of day and traffic loads, the officials added.

The Eisenhower also has the highest car crash rate among area expressways, about 2.2 accidents per 1 million vehicles per mile in the area between Kostner Avenue and Interstate Highway 88, according to an IDOT study. About 6,000 accidents occurred from 2006 through 2008, IDOT said. Of particular concern are crash hot spots at the 25th Avenue, Harlem Avenue and Austin Avenue interchanges, officials said.

Everyone who drives in and around Chicago has been frustrated with traffic on 290 and how it effects 90/94 when entering and leaving the loop. Let’s hope there is some creative thinking going on at IDOT that will help improve the area, which will hopefully lead to less car accidents.

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