Chicago City Council Holds Off On Speed Camera Vote

Last year Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot included a controversial wrinkle in her yearly budget. The budget included fines for those caught on camera speeding between 6-10 miles per hour over the limit. These tickets are non-moving violations. Lightfood has touted this change as safety issue, but detractors to the fine saw it as nothing but a money grab.

An alderman has an ammendment that would eliminate the 6-10 mph fine and only fine those caught going 11 mph and over. The new law would make those tickets $100. The current fine is $35.

ABC 7 and Block Club Chicago reported that the amendment was deferred and continued to a later date by one of Mayor Lightfoot’s alies on the council. It is unclear why the mayor and her alies did not want the vote or why they did not allow at least a debate on the issue.

According to Block Club the speed cameras issued 2.3 million tickets in the first 10 months of 2021 after the speeding threshold was lowered to 6 mph — nearly as many as the city issued in 2018, 2019 and 2020 combined.

Mayor Lightfoot’s other argument is that if these fines are removed, the city would lose $45 million in revenue annually. I have yet to see any studies or data as to whether th 6-10 mph threshold actually makes the city’s streets safer. We will be following this closely in the weeks ahead.

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