Mayor Daley Extends Olive Branch To Chicago Drivers

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley recently announced to the press that he would consider offering parkers a chance to fight parking tickets once a year. The suggestion would only apply if the ticket is issued within five minutes after meter expires.

The mayor said his gesture is in line with a long-standing City Hall message to parking enforcement to not cite cars when the meter has just expired.

Daley’s proposal was an olive branch to residents still fuming over the parking meter lease deal and the consequential spike in parking meter rates.

“I understand that many people were angry over the way the parking meter plan was implemented last year,” Daley said, according to the Chicago Tribune.  “This grace period is another step by Chicago parking meters to improve the parking meter system and add convenience for motorists.”

There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a $50 or $100 parking ticket minutes after your meter has expired. I will believe this offer when I actually see it.

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