GHSA Report Shows Motorcycle Deaths Down In 2009

I have written the past few weeks about motorcycle safety, proposed helmet legislation in Illinois and Illinois’ motorcycle awareness month. It appears the 2009 trend of fewer vehicular deaths also occurred with motorcycles. The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), has preliminary data showing that in 2009, 38 states and the District of Columbia reported a drop in motorcyclist fatalities from 2008 and 12 states reported an increase. About half the state counts for 2009 are reported to be final or very close to final. The rest are preliminary to varying degrees, with some final except for December and others incomplete for two or three months. Judging from each state’s reported totals and completeness, it is expected that the final data will confirm a decrease for almost all the states currently reporting one. This means that motorcyclist fatalities will have decreased in about three-quarters of the states.

My initial thoughts were that the recession and economic downturn could be the reason for the decrease in motorcycle deaths. The GHSA reports agrees but also lists several other reasons reasons:

1) Reduced motorcycle travel due to the economic recession
2) Fewer beginning motorcyclists
3) State motorcycle safety programs
4) Other motorists awareness of motorcyclists
5) Warmer, drier weather in 2009

Regardless, it is good to see that the roads were safer for motorcyclists in 2009. We will see if this trend continues the next few years as the economy rebounds.

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