Transportation Secretary LaHood Proposes Seatbelts For All Motorcoaches

Those who travel by bus or other motorcoach may soon have the option of the using a seat belt while traveling across the country.  Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is proposing new federal legislation that would require all motorcoaches to carry lap-shoulder seat belts. 

“We’re committed to making sure that motorcoach travelers reach their destinations safely,” said Secretary LaHood. “Seat belts save lives, and putting them in motorcoaches just makes sense.”

NHSTA officials agree with Secretary LaHood and believe that seat belts in motorcoaches will help prevent death or serious injury in the case of violent vehicle collision  or roll-over accident .”We want motorcoaches to be as safe as possible and are working towards that goal,” said NHTSA Administrator David Strickland. “In coordination with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, we will continue moving forward in our mission to save lives and reduce injuries.”

I honestly comment on this because i very rarely (if every) have traveled via motorcoach. But there does not appear to be any downside (and the financial burden minimal) by installing these and at least giving passenger the option of wearing the seat belt.

If the law is pushed through the federal legislature, it will not become active until three years after it is enacted.

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