Does ADHD Increase The Chance Of Car Accidents

As we all know there are multiple
causes for auto accidents. Causes can range from texting and driving to
drinking and driving. Another cause is simply not paying attention while on the
road. According to, a major cause for drivers not focusing on
the road is Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD). The website believes that
medication that treats this condition will help adults to pay attention to the
road and help prevent car accidents

 The site a Swedish study discovered that up to half of the
traffic accidents involving men with ADHD could be avoided if the men were
taking medication for their condition.  Investigators studied 17,000
individuals with ADHD over a period of four years (2006-2009) using various
population health’ registers.

They then
analyzed the risk of traffic accidents for individuals diagnosed with ADHD
and how ADHD medication influences this risk. 

though many people with ADHD are doing well, our results indicate that the
disorder may have very serious consequences,” said Henrik Larsson, Ph.D.,
associate professor at the Department of Medical Epidemiology and

The study
also demonstrates in several different ways that the risk of traffic accidents in adult men with ADHD significantly reduces if their condition is
treated with medication.

In the
study, researchers discovered the incidence of traffic accidents was lower
among men with ADHD who received medication than among men with ADHD who did

This is an
interesting study, which raises multiple questions. Why do drivers feel the
need to pick up their phones while driving? Also, is the lack of medication
causing drivers to lose focus on what is in front of them? I think the answer
to the second question is yes. The first question is less clear. Not every
driver that uses their phone while driving has ADHD, but is constant phone use
making the condition worse, or worse, causing ADHD drivers to pick up their
phone more often. I don’t think there is an easy answer but there would
definitely need to be more research done. I do think it is clear that if you
have been diagnosed with ADHD and you plan on driving, then please take your
medication. You could help save your own life and the lives of others.

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