Illinois Secretary of State Urges Residents To Register With The “In Case of Emergency” Database

The Chicago Tribune reported last week that the Illinois Secretary of State is compiling an “in case of emergency” database for Illinois residents. The database will help police find relatives of those injured in car accidents.   The voluntary database allows Illinois residents to enter addresses and phone numbers for up to two contacts anywhere in the United States at The program, which launched last month, is open to all Illinois residents with a driver’s license, instruction permit or identification card.

The goal is to ease some of the burden on police, who already arrange for emergency transport, direct traffic and investigate the cause of serious accidents. Contacting the relative of an injured motorist is one more grim task for authorities made more difficult when driver’s license information is not up to date, authorities said.

This program was instituted to help ease the burden on police departments who often have to perform detailed investigative work when an accident victim cannot communicate.

Responding to a traffic accident can tax a police department and its personnel, making it difficult to tend to details such as searching for an emergency contact. “Many times the manpower isn’t there to do these kinds of other tasks,”  said Jeffrey Stolzenburg, Libertyville Police Officer.  “Often it takes a considerable amount of effort and much-needed time [that] this program will reduce significantly,” Stolzenburg said. “As long as people put in reliable information and are able to update it, only time will tell, but I do foresee it being very helpful.”

The Bryant Law Group urges all Illinois residents to contact the Secretary of State and register with this database. A car accident can be a chaotic atmosphere and this can make it easier for loved ones to be contacted as soon as possible.

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