New IL Law Allows Electronic Proof Of Auto Insurance

I wrote a few months back about a
new law that would raise the minimum requirement for Illinois auto insurance up
to $25,000 per individual and $50,000 per accident, up from $20,000 and
$40,000. This bill has not been signed by Governor Quinn yet, but another
interesting auto insurance bill was signed last week. According to the,
Governor Quinn did sign a bill that allows drivers to show proof of auto insurance
electronically from their phone. Country
Financial, a Bloomington, IL based insurance company said customers can
download a copy of their insurance card from the company website, said
spokesman Christopher Stroisch.  “We wanted to make it easy for our
customers to access their commercial truck insurance. Most people wouldn’t think of
leaving their house without their phone, but they may not remember to put their
newest insurance card into their vehicle,” Stroisch said in an email Friday.

Although I
primarily handle personal injury cases and auto accidents, I do represent
clients charged with traffic violations, including no insurance tickets. On its
face this seems like a logical bill to pass as often times drivers lose the
paper version of their proof of insurance. But what if drivers leave home
without their phone or forget to download the proof of insurance on their
phone? Well, the short answer is they will still receive a ticket and will have
to appear in court to show proof before having the ticket dismissed. My advice
is to download proof of insurance on your phone (if available) but also keep a
hard copy of your insurance in your glove compartment just in case you leave
home without your phone.

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