IL House Passes Bill For Additional Driver Education For Young Drivers

For years many young
Illinois drivers wait until they are 18 years old to apply for their driver’s
license in order to avoid taking driver’s ed while in high school. CBS Chicago
reported this week that the Illinois house has approved a bill that eliminate
this loophole for young drivers and would require they take 6 hours of online
driving classes before applying for their driver’s license. This would only be
required if the driver did not take driving classes while in high school.

Under the state’s
current graduated driver’s license program, teens can get a learning permit at
age 15, and a driver’s license at 16 if they have taken at least 50 hours of
classes – with 10 hours of practice driving at night.

But those 18 and older
don’t have to take driver’s ed classes to get a license under the current law.
 Secretary of State Jesse White said those young drivers are taking
advantage of a loophole in the graduated driving program.

“This piece of
legislation is designed to take care of some of the issues that these young
people have missed, because they didn’t take part in our graduated driver’s
license program,” he said.

The courses would
include information on traffic laws and signs, drug and alcohol awareness, and
the dangers of texting while driving.

I love this new bill
as we have seen the last few years that many fatal traffic accidents involve
young drivers. Also, the new requirement is minimally invasive as it is only 6
hours, compared to the 50 hours required for fifteen year old to apply for a

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