Brain Injury Association Discusses Use Of Motorcycle Helmets

With all of the steps Illinois made in the past year to improve safety on the roads (including bans on cell phone use and texting while driving), it is interesting to me that we are one of three states that does not have a motorcycle helmet requirement. There is legislation pending in Illinois, which this blog will watch closely.

The Brain Injury Association of America recently discussed the importance of wearing motorcycle helmets and how they can prevent serious injuries. According to the BIAA, research consistently demonstrates that helmet laws and helmet use reduce the fatality rate, the probabilities and severity of brain injuries , the cost of medical treatment, the length of hospital stay, the necessity for special medical treatments, and the probability of long-term disability. An estimated $13.2 billion was savedfrom 1984 through 1999 because of motorcycle helmet use. An additional $11 Billion could have been saved if all motorcyclists had worn helmets. If you or a loved one ever gets involved in an accident and suffer any injuries, don’t hesitate to get legal help from a professional personal injury lawyer

The evidence is clear that helmets help prevent serious brain injuries . It will be interesting to see if Illinois follows the rest of the country and enacts some sort of helmet requirement.

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