New Illinois Bill Would Outlaw Use Of Cell Phones In Vehicles

The Daily Eastern News reported recently that Illinois
Representative  John D’Amico, from
Chicago, introduced a new bill that would outlaw the use of cell phones while
driving. Robert Bates, the health studies department chair, teaches
several safety-related classes: Advanced Driving Maneuvers, Accident Prevention
in Schools and Industrial Safety.  Bates said
 texting while
driving overloads the physical and mental aspects of the body.  “The
driver must make thousands of decisions in a short period of time. Any errors
can result in harm to one’s self or others,” Bates said in an email. “Research
in driving simulators have indicated significant impairment when
 texting and

should be pointed out that revisions to the bill would not pertain to people
using “hands-free or voice-activated mode” while driving, but recent research
conducted by the University of Utah questions whether even those options should
be permitted at all.  If the bill passes, Illinois would be the
 10th state in the country to implement such a ban.

have been discussions by the
 NHTSA and
others on the national level about a federal ban on cell phone use in vehicles. As I have stated before, I
believe the most effective way to deter this activity would be to stiffen
penalties of those caught texting
driving. Specifically, increase the penalties on those who cause a car accident
or injuries by
 texting and driving.
An argument could be made these offences should be treated as a Class A
 misdemeanor with
the same level of penalties and fines when someone is convicted of drinking and

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