IL Takes Step Closer To Issuing Drivers Licences To Illegal Immigrants: Why I Support This Measure

The Chicago
report yesterday that a new measure that would allow up to
250,000 illegal immigrants to receive a drivers license passed through the Senate
Executive Committee and the entire Senate could vote on the new law by next
the program, undocumented immigrants would be eligible for the special,
three-year licenses to drive a vehicle. It would be a different in color from a
regular driving license. It also cannot be used for identification purposes,
such as for boarding a plane, buying a gun or voting.

President John Cullerton supported the bill stating that the law would make
Illinois roads safer. Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran testified in favor
of the bill, saying immigrants are driving to 
schools, stores and church even
when they are undocumented and don’t have
licenses. “Ultimately,” Curran said, “law enforcement would
much rather go after the bad guys and not just people that are trying to get to
work and school.”

a time of diminishing police forces, I believe that it’s imperative that we use
our resources wisely,” Curran said. “Licensing and insuring all
immigrant drivers will ease the burden on jails and courts, which are currently
drained by holding people solely for driving without a license or

new bill could receive some criticism from Illinois residents and nationally. I
think these critics are wrong. There are two major reasons I support this
legislation. First, it will make the roads safer for everyone.  Allowing
illegal immigrants to obtain a license will force them to learn the Illinois
rules of the road. They must pass the written exam just like everyone else.
Although I have not read the proposed bill, there is a chance that they will have to take a driver’s test as well to prove they are capable of driving
on the road. Further, without a valid license, drivers cannot obtain car
insurance. More insured drivers will protect injury victims who may be involved
in car accidents with immigrant drivers. What if one of your family members is involved
in a car crash with an illegal immigrant? Who is going to pay for their medical
bills, pain and suffering and lost wages? More insured drivers protects

Second, I have
represented dozens of illegal immigrants in traffic and criminal court for
driving without a license. These are hard working men and women trying their
best to support their families. These are not bad people or criminals and
needlessly punishing them only makes their effort to support their families
that much more difficult. These immigrants are also driving their kids to
school. Why should they have to drive in fear every time they try to drop their
children off? As was mentioned above, police officers and state troopers would much
rather focus their attention on violent and dangerous criminals.

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IDOT Provides Safety Tips To Drivers During Hunting Season

Deer season is upon us in Illinois and those who live and drive in rural areas (and even in the suburbs) know that the roads can become dangerous if you are not paying attention. The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) issued a press release last months outlining the dangers of dealing with deer in the road and also provides some safety tips. The full press release can be read here.

Below is a list precautions that IDOT provided regarding driving during deer season:

·         –Be particularly cautious at dusk and dawn, when deer are most active.

·         –Keep track of locations where deer have been spotted in the past to avoid being surprised. 

·         –Reduce speed and be prepared to stop, especially near water, farm fields and wooded areas.

·         –Deer will cross the road and double back. Make sure deer have moved away before proceeding. 

·         –Be mindful that deer will follow each other. One deer can mean others are nearby or close behind. 

·         –Avoid swerving into traffic or off the road if deer are on the roadway. Instead, slow to a stop and wait for the deer to move along. 

·         –Flashing the headlights and honking the car horn will encourage deer to move off the road. 

·         –Alert other motorists to the presence of deer by tapping the brakes.

If you happen to be involved in an accident with a deer (through no fault of your own), there are certain avenues to be reimbursed for your injuries. The best way to protect you and your family if you are injured in an accident with a deer is to make sure you have uninsured motorist coverage. Typically, this type of coverage is used when a driver is involved in an accident with another driver who does not have insurance. This type of coverage helps pay for your car damage, medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering from injuries when the other driver does not have insurance. The same type of coverage may apply if there is a car accident with a deer. It must be pointed out that for the coverage to apply, it must be shown that you (the driver) were not negligent or the cause of the accident.

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Toyota To Recall 2.8 Million Prius And Corollas

It was just two years
ago that Toyota underwent a major recall of its’ vehicles for apparent issues
with accelerators and brake systems. At the time there reports of multiple caraccidents causing injuries (and at least one fatal accident) that were an alleged
result of sudden acceleration in Toyota vehicles. This week Reuters reported
that there would be closed to 2.8 million Prius and Corolla vehicles

Toyota will recall
around 2.77 million vehicles worldwide, including certain models of the Prius,
due to problems with the steering mechanism and the hybrid system water pump,
its second multi-million car recall in two months.

Toyota is recalling 1.5 million vehicles in
Japan, 670,000 vehicles in the United States and 496,000 vehicles in Europe
over a problem in the steering intermediate extension shafts, which could be
damaged at slow speed, spokesman Joichi Tachikawa said on Wednesday.

I have yet to see any reports of any autoaccidents that were a result of this steering mechanism issue. Hopefully Toyota
has caught this problem before any car crashes can take place.

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Illinois Department Of Transportation Launches 2013 Yellow Dot Program

Imagine for a minute
that you and your family are involved in a serious car accident. I know this is
a scary thought that people do not like to think about. What if one of your
children has a serious medical condition or allergy that alters the type of medical
treatment he or she can receive. Thanks to the Illinois Department of
Transportation (“IDOT”) and their new yellow dot program, you can
count on the first responders to the auto accident will have to knowledge to
administer the proper medical treatment.

According to a press
release on the IDOT website, they are initiating the yellow dot program
which supplies drivers with a simple,
bright yellow decal for their car and a folder. The decal is placed in a
conspicuous and consistent place – in the lower left-hand corner of the rear
window on the driver’s side. The dot signifies there is a folder in the glove
compartment containing the following medical information about the motorist:
participant’s name, current close-up photo, emergency contact information, patient’s
physician information, medical conditions, recent surgeries, allergies and a
list of current medications. You can read the press release here or visit to become enrolled in the program.   

drivers and their families have pre-existing conditions that require specific
medical treatment when in a trauma situation.  Hopefully this program will
help save lives and prevent serious injuries in already dangerous situations.

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