2011 Brings New Traffic Laws In Illinois

The new year is upon and there a few changes for Chicago drivers. Despite numerous complaints about red light cameras, and their effectiveness, they have not been eliminated in Illinois. Despite the complaints the Illinois legislature did make some changes. First, cities will have to post the locations of red-light cameras on the internet, and violations must be reviewed by a law enforcement officer.

Probably the biggest change is for excessive speeding violations. Motorists who are caught driving over 40 miles per hour the speed limit are no longer eligible for Court supervision.* Supervision is a fair method of punishment that Courts use for traffic violations and other crimes. As long as the violator pays the fine and court costs and does not commit any other traffic violations or crimes during the supervision period (typically 1 to 6 months), then the charge is dismissed from their record as if it never occurred.**
*Please note that the States or City Attorney or even the judge does have the discretion to amend a ticket to a lower speed violation so that the driver does  become Supervision available. This is not guaranteed but the odds are better if the driver has a clean driving record (i.e. no previous tickets or none within the last few years)

 * *Please note that supervision is becomes a little more complicated when a commercial drivers license (CDL) is involved as supervision is considered a conviction for CDL drivers and they can lose their license and ability to drive commercially if they receive supervision.

Be safe on the roads and take note of these changes in the law. If you or someone you know has been involved in a Chicago car accident  or Chicago truck accident , then call Chicago personal injury attorney  Aaron Bryant for a free consultation  at 312-588-3384 or go to the firm website at www.blgchicago.com