Another Study Shows Red Light Cameras Are Not Working In Chicago

My Fox Chicago released a report about a new study that showed that red light cameras in Chicago may still not be deterring car accidents.

Despite press releases by the Chicago Department of Transportation touting the safety of these cameras, a new study prepared by the University of Illinois Chicago, says that the exact opposite has been happening.  Assistant Professor Rajiv Shah compared the total number of accidents the year before the cameras were installed and the year after. What surprised him most is that car accidents have declined city-wide, except at red-light intersections.  “The clearest thing is the red light cameras have not changed driving behavior in any significant pattern,” he said.

Brian Steele with the Chicago Department of Transportation argues Shah’s numbers are misleading. He claims IDOT’s numbers are disproportionately high because the state considers any crash within 250 feet of the traffic light to be an intersection accident.”There is no question that in the city of Chicago, drivers are safe because of red-light enforcement,” Steele said.

I am not convinced by the comments by the city. I think it is time for the city to wipe the egg off their face and admit that the red light cameras not only do not prevent accidents,  but they are actually making intersections more dangerous.

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