Illinois Legislature Look To Update Motorist Laws

The Illinois legislature and Governor Quinn are closely scrutinizing current driving statutes, including, the red light  camera tickets and excessive speeder violations.

The proposed speeding measure would prevent a driver from getting court supervision if found guilty of going 40 mph or more faster than the speed limit. Supervision is a form of probation that allows a person to wipe a violation off of his driving record if he doesn’t get another ticket for a specified number of months.”There is nobody that needs to go 105 miles an hour to go anywhere,” said John D’Amico, D-Chicago. “When you’re driving that fast, you are truly putting other people’s lives at risk, as well as your own.”

The proposed red-light legislation, would ban the city and suburbs from tacking on a fee to the standard $100 fine if a ticket is appealed, a common practice that deters many motorists from fighting the charges.

It also would give drivers more wiggle room to creep up to the edge of an intersection before stopping. A complete stop still would be required before making a right turn on red, but drivers could come to a halt after the painted stop line without getting a ticket as long as pedestrians were not nearby. Drivers awaiting a green light to head straight into an intersection also could stop past the line without being nabbed by a camera.

Both of these measures are awaiting Governor Quinn’s signature, but I have no doubt these will be signed as they were approved on overwhelming fashion.

It is good to see the state legislature take some action on the often scrutinized red light camera tickets. We will see if these measures actually make our roads and highways safer.

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